A nation’s hope The spiritual fight against the evil COVID-19

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These are challenging times for the world. The advent of COVID-19 has affected the entire globe, bringing most nations almost to a halt in an effort to control its spread and protect from loss of life.

The fear of this disease has created much dislocation and disruption of lives and economies, with increasing hardships on the people, especially those who are most vulnerable and the poor in the society. As spiritual leaders in our nation we believe that COVID-19 is an evil thing that has come upon our nation; its aim being to kill and destroy. It is not a blessing, but a curse; hence, it is our responsibility to resist it, fight it, and pray for its permanent removal from our shores.

We offer condolence to those who have lost loved ones and we speak a word of healing to those affected.

We cannot allow it to devastate our health and fragile economy when we are at a point of showing real signs of growth. Because it is an evil attack — one that is not of our nation’s making — it involves the negative action of men violating the laws of nature as created by God. We can therefore pray, declare, and act in faith for its removal.

We have taken time to carefully analyse COVID-19 from various angles, listening to the scientific, medical, and economic perspectives. Then, by adding the spiritual perspective — which supersedes them all — we aim to ensure the best and earliest solution. We know and believe that all natural occurrences also have a spiritual dimension at their root. It is therefore our responsibility to interpret, inform, and produce outcomes for the good of all.

Since the announcement of this virus, which can be classified biblically as a pestilence, we engaged consultations and implemented a prayer strategy to defeat it in our nation. We do believe that it is only in the power of the name of Jesus Christ that the most effective solution can be found to undergird our medical professionals and Government’s action.

This is the prerogative and responsibility of Christian leaders in every nation. We have been given authority and dominion in the Earth and, as such, must, in wisdom, speak into situations that negatively impact our nation.

We affirm that the prime minister, minister of health, and their teams have been doing an excellent job in management and governance. We will continue to support their efforts. We believe, and affirm to the nation of Jamaica, that the outbreak of this virus is not the direct judgement of God on Jamaica or the world. Rather, this is the result of diabolic Satanic activities in the hearts and minds of selfish men transgressing the laws of God and nature, which carries natural consequences. Their actions have disrupted the order of nature releasing what is being called a virus.

This virus is an alien intrusion into the human body, which is designed to fight and reject it. However, the ability to do so depends on the strength of one’s immune system to defeat it.

We believe that this event marks a new era in what the Bible calls the “end times”. And, it must be noted that we will see similar and other perilous times. But, there are other sinister motives attached to this declared pandemic, and it is important to make a clear and definitive statement that, at any time during these end-time events, as a Church, we are prepared to stand against principles and statutes contrary to God’s Word and in the people’s best interest. Our allegiance is to our triune God — Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We believe Jamaica cannot sustain this enemy attack on our people, our economy, and the suffering it will increase on the poor. Hence, we have prayed for it to pass over as the Church celebrates Passover (Easter).

In this regard, we invite the Government of Jamaica and their teams to continue executing all the necessary procedures and checks to gain control of this virus, in addition to retesting the infected people to ensure that these individuals are clear and pose no further threat to creating new cases.

We are happy to declare to our nation that the power and effects of COVID-19 have been defeated in the name of our Lord Jesus the Christ. We have, in faith, destroyed it so that the venom will not further cripple our nation. Our nation can now begin, as guided by our Government, to prepare for life post-COVID-19.

We will continue to do spiritual exercises by and through prayer, in our spiritual authority, as well as acts of service to those in need and to serve national development.

Let us, as a nation, give thanks to our Lord, who has heard our cries and helped us to overcome by the power of His resurrection.

Next, we will evaluate the blessings that come to us as a nation in the wake of COVID-19.`

Copyright © 2020 by Rev Dr. Al Miller.

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