If Jamaica is to win…

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Our four Vision 2030 goals will not be achieved if we just keep talking about the related issues. Admittedly, my to-do list related to our goals is aimed at our system of governance, which may leave you wondering what you can do as an individual. Here’s your personal to-do list:

Goal 4: Stop dirtying up and start cleaning up, even when you didn’t dirty up the place.

Goal 3: Get a job; if not available, volunteer service until an opportunity comes up. Consider starting a business that provides some good or service to our national economy.

Goal 2: Exercise self-control, especially in circumstances that can escalate and cause harm to someone.

Goal 1: Go back to school and improve your learning in an area that will benefit both you and our nation.

The year 2020 must see us not just talking about the problems and need for change, but doing what is necessary to create the change. It must be our action year and start of a decade of doing to ensure that Jamaica wins!

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