Who is Al Miller?

Man of God, Visionary, Lover of People & Nation

Considered a visionary and one of the most influential church leaders in Jamaica today, Rev. Dr. Al Miller is the founder of Whole Life Ministries and Senior Pastor and Apostolic Voice of Fellowship Tabernacle Ministries. He is widely known for his radical & righteous “talk and walk” on individual Purpose and Transformation as precursors to National Transformation. Rev. Miller has been very vocal in his view that the church should be a witness and positive influence on national issues. He has remained undeterred in his call for good governance and accountability among leaders of Church and State.

Rev. Miller has served as a friend, pastor & advisor to many of Jamaica’s famous and infamous (both in the private sector & government) and was the instrumental figure in the peaceful apprehension of a Jamaican citizen who at the time of his capture, was North America’s most wanted person. Rev Miller unafraid of taking risks as it relates to the Kingdom of God, the love of others and his nation, even if it earns him the disapproval of his peers in the clergy.

Rev Miller has innovated, facilitated and continues to lead positive transforming initiatives such as Word Power, Culture Clash, The Church Sports League, National Alert, the Live Love Campaign and more. Over the past 30+ years, Rev Dr Merick ‘Al’ Miller has committed his time and resources towards establishing and spearheading a number of initiatives and organisations geared at advancing national transformation and social development.

He was commissioned by the then Prime Minister of Jamaica to serve as the National Director of the National Transformation Programme between 2008 and 2011. The National Transformation Programme was a non-partisan, value-based, socio-economic transformation initiative, which represented a partnership between the State, church, business and civil society. The Secretariat operated from the Office of the Prime Minister with a mission to mobilize, implement and energize a process of positive change and renewal for the Jamaican people, by the Jamaican people. Dr Miller also served the Government of Jamaica as Chairman of the Institute of Sports and the Deputy Chairman of the Social Development Commission.

Dr. Miller’s role as pastor and spiritual leader are also well documented. He is the President and Founder of Whole Life Ministries (WLM), a Christian non-profit organization that exists to serve the social, physical, mental and spiritual needs of Jamaicans. His passion is to see the people of Jamaica maximize their potential to become all that God has designed them to be.

As part of the mandate of Whole Life Ministries, Dr. Miller has been instrumental in helping the people of Jamaica through the following WLM member organizations which he spearheads:

  • Professional Development Institute, formerly Girls Town Jamaica (2003-present): Caters primarily to disadvantaged youth. It offers skills training (free of cost) in conjunction with the Human Employment and Resource Training, National Training Association (HEART NTA). It trains men and women for Level-one certification over six- month and one-year periods. PDI Girl’s Town also has a free daycare on site to facilitate single mothers and fathers.
  • Build Jamaica Foundation (1996-present): Created to restore the hope, purpose and dignity of Jamaicans as well as foster national development through responsible citizenship and campaigns such as ‘Give a $dolla a day to build Ja’. BJF has been very instrumental in promoting educational, health, and empowerment projects in Jamaica. We have worked with Jamaicans and friends of Jamaica locally and overseas to aid in the process of national development through social and economic regeneration. BJF has successfully implemented projects such as facilitating the supply of six state of the art ventilators to Bustamante Children’s Hospital and ensuring the eradication of unsanitary pit latrines in basic schools.
  • Whole Life College (1989-present): Whole Life College is a tertiary institution that offers short term certificate and degree programs in Theology, Discipleship, Entrepreneurship, Counseling & Leadership. For more than thirty years, Whole Life College has served more than 50 churches of varying denominations islandwide, graduating thousands of men and women, some of whom have never matriculated out of high school. Through the College, some persons have learned to read, establish businesses, and/or improve their work, community and family lives. Many are now mentors, business owners, pastors, community advocates and more. 
  • Fellowship Tabernacle (1987-present): Fellowship Tabernacle has a congregation of approximately 2000 in four ministries located in Jamaica and the USA. Fel Tab is an independent, non-denominational church persuaded that God’s will must be done God’s way. Hence, we are committed to the integrity of God’s Word and so seek biblical support for our actions. Fel Tab is well-known for its rich discipleship and benevolence programs which are geared towards teaching and providing financial and non-financial support to its congregation as well as individuals/families, churches, schools and communities across Jamaica. The Benevolence programme has been successful in providing food, clothes, counselling and other support on a weekly, monthly or as needed basis. Fellowship Tabernacle has spent millions in the last ten years on benevolence (2018 estimate stands at $1.8million).
  • Whole Life Sports (1987-present): Whole Life was established to organize sports leagues and sports camps with an emphasis on positive values and character development. Other aspects are sports chaplaincy and sports development conferences which teach participants to integrate sports and faith for better performance on the field and in life. Whole Life Sports has trained hundreds across the Caribbean, USA, and South Africa.

Dr Miller is also well-known and respected locally and internationally as a leader, counsellor and motivational speaker, hosting and presenting at business and religious seminars and conferences in Jamaica and overseas. Dr Miller has also spearheaded through Whole Life Ministries many national crusades and conferences and in so doing, has had the opportunity to host several international speakers, pastors and artistes including:

  • T.D. Jakes
  • Jimmy Swaggart
  • Bill Winston
  • Reinhard Bonnkhe
  • Joyce Meyer
  • Myles Munro
  • Donnie McClurkin
  • Morris Cerullo
  • Creflo Dollar
  • Paula White
  • Jacqueline McCullough
  • Sunday Adelaja
  • Marilyn Hickey
  • Pat Francis
  • Cee Cee Winans
  • Bob Harrison

Dr Miller’s other noteworthy national and international ventures include:

  • 2018-present Chief Advisor & Principal Director of Training, Development & Safety, TODDS
  • 2017-present, Contributing Writer, Jamaica Observer
  • 2004-present, Member, Civil Society Board of the Inter-American Development Bank
  • 1988-present, Executive Member, International Sports Coalition Board
  • 1994-present, Producer & Host of the TV Show, Word Power
  • 1988-1992, Executive Director, Project Accord (National Relief & Development Agency)
  • Executive Member, Third World Leaders Association
  • Member, Jamaica Association of Full Gospel Churches

Rev. Miller is happily married to his beautiful wife Jasmine (Melody) and together they have produced two very creative and intelligent children, Kerine and Jeremy.