Who is Al Miller?

Man of God, Visionary, Lover of People & Community

Considered a visionary and one of the most influential church leaders in Jamaica today, Rev. Dr. Al Miller is the founder of Whole Life Ministries and Senior Pastor and Apostolic Voice of Fellowship Tabernacle Ministries. He is widely known for his radical & righteous “talk and walk” on individual Purpose and Transformation as precursors to National Transformation. Rev. Miller has been very vocal in his view that the church should be a witness and positive influence on national issues. He has remained undeterred in his call for good governance and accountability among leaders of Church and State.

Rev. Miller is also known to be unafraid of taking risks, even if it earns him the disapproval of his peers in the clergy.

He has innovated, facilitated and continues to lead positive transforming initiatives such as Word Power, Culture Clash, The Church Sports League,

Build Jamaica Foundation, Nation Alert, Live Love Campaign and The National Transformation Programme.

He has served as a friend, pastor & advisor to many of Jamaica’s famous and infamous (both in the private sector & government) and was the instrumental figure in the peaceful apprehension of a Jamaican citizen who at the time of his capture, was North America’s most wanted person.

His weekly preaching engages a congregation of 1,500 and hundreds of thousands through television, radio, and social media. His spiritual and practical leadership of God’s Kingdom people in particular and the citizens of Jamaica in general, continues to positively transform the lives of many. Rev. Miller is happily married to the exquisitely beautiful Melody and together they have produced two intelligent and creative children, Kerine and Jeremy.